Since 2006 and GAD Technologies Inc. has been exceeding customer expectations for years. With both products and solutions for fully integrated automatic production systems , the experience of GAD Technologies Inc. designers is evident in Ontario major industries You will find our solutions in action within the Food, Pharmaceutical, automotive, packaging industries and many other leading manufacturers.

GAD Technologies Inc. is located in Mississauga Ontario in the nerve centre of Ontario’s Industrial hub. Strategically positioned to the 400 series highway and with easy access to rail and air transport.

GAD Technologies Inc. understands that our customers participate in highly competitive markets. We fully appreciate and respect our customer’s need for confidentiality in order to preserve their position in that market. Committed to protecting the interests of our customers while maintaining the highest standards of integrity, we will enter into any reasonable confidentiality agreement at our customer’s request. It is also our policy to never share the names of our customers with others, unless we have the customer’s consent to do so. Our customers can rely on our utmost discretion in all matters. It is our belief that this approach reinforces the customer’s sense of security when working intimately with GAD Technologies Inc.

Our mission is to lead our customers into the G4 industry are, increasing our customers’ productivity through quality, reliability and efficient products. We will continue to improve our products to exceed the needs and expectations of our customers, to advance the industry through factory automation.