Custom Solutions

GAD technologies Inc. offers you a diverse range of handling systems for a multitude of applications, from standard solutions for common applications through to customized solutions for your own very specific requirements. We have the technology to meet your manufacturing needs, including high speed processing systems.

We create and develop concepts to delivering systems; we provide custom design,  fabrication, and system integration of automation equipment for wide scope of manufacturing sectors. We aim to lower production costs, reduce risk, achieve a greater throughput, enhance safety and produce higher quality products.

GAD Technologies has developed a wide variety of handling systems from simple index feed systems to complex multi-operation, high accuracy continuous systems.  This expertise is leveraged on every system to deliver a robust automated solution.

An ultrasonic welding and part feeding, supporting process development to delivering scalable, modular and flexible automation, labeling, and molding are few examples of our achievements. We incorporate a wide variety of technologies to meet our customers’ requirements in the following areas:

  • Assembly & Processing
  • Packaging processes and up and End line packaging
  • Material Handling and Parts Handling (pick & place)
  • Laboratory Automation
  • Parts Feeding (continuous, conveyor, vibratory, pneumatic)
  • Joining (ultrasonic, adhesive, thermal, laser)
  • Parts Inspection & Testing